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Succubus' Tales - Chapter 1 - Nicci's Revenge (Senryu-Sensei)


Adult Porn-Game 

Year: 2016
Genre: RPG, ADV, All Sex,Blowjob, Titsjob, Footjob
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Senryu-Sensei
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Demo
Version: 0.1c
Language: English

The game will be Chapter Based, so yes, i'm planning on doing more than one....
It's made with RPG-Maker VX Ace
Before even talking about the game, i have to say 2 things:
1- This is my first attempt in both Drawing and making a nice T.T
2- English is NOT my mother / main language, so, if you see any wrong spelling or sentences, feel free to correct me out ;)
And now, a little introduction about the game:
Basically, you're a nun possessed by a Succubus who want to take revenge on a Demon Lord, but to do so you need to gain enough power, by corrupting people around the world!
As for the type of game it's going to be, i'm taking inspiration by Village of Nightmare which is one of my favorite rpg-maker games that i've EVER played! ( BUT! I'm not going to include all those weird fetish like hairy / smelly armpit and such....Sorry if some of you liked them, but it's not really my taste, so i'll not include them.) 

here's a simple list of what you can find in my game:
- Personalized sprite and portrait!
- Sex Sprite!
- Day - Night event
- Corruption
- Nuns!
- Demons
- Straigh
- Lesbian
- Futa on female
- and the usual, Blowjob, Titsjob, Footjob..ecc =P
- maybe more to come as the development progress 

What's new in version 0.1?

- added 5 pictures for a "first meeting" with new characters ( the twin guards count a one, since they're basically the same picture, with only different shadows...)

- added 3 sex event ( they're actually 4, but the first one happen in automatic, so i don't know if i have to count it or not 


Download file - 226.4 MB

Download file - 226.4 MB

Download file - 226.4 MB

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