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[Game VXace] Aylia's Story - English H-RPG! - Demo

What's it all about?: Aylia's Story is designed to be a story-driven experience that begins when a long imprisoned Eliandre, named Aylia, is awoken from her slumber (I know, the originality is mind-numbing!). The player will guide Aylia as she seeks to redeem herself for past mistakes of her race. Throughout the game, Aylia will be accompanied by the goblin responsible for freeing her, Bogwort. Bogwort is a horny little bastard that will often cause Aylia more grief than help. In spite of his many annoyances, Aylia will come to appreciate Bogwort's companionship. Aylia's Story will provide a player-cetnric, multi-ending experience where the player's choices will matter (to an extent—production is a one man show after all).

Game Features:
1. Designed and written in coherent English. Just saying, that's a feature in this market. 

2. Naked Women! The story will follow Aylia's journey, but the cast of glorious women does not stop with her. There is what I like to call a "rival" system in the game. Meaning, a few other women may be trying to complete the in-game quests as well. Depending on your choices, they may be the ones getting screwed 

Aylia, one of the last remaining Eliandre.

Kira, the daughter of a local Innkeeper. The source of many a grey hair.

Triste, one of the few travelers to Zalran. A cocky and competent swordswoman.

3. An original, player-centric storyline. While the story may have a few cliches, I hope you find it interesting. Your choices during the game (primarily in the main quests) will have a noticeable impact on how the game plays out. Aylia will learn skills based on her actions and her decisions will influence how the town of Zalran develops. NOTE: This is a one-man development, so don't go crazy with the expectations. I just want you to know that unlike so many other games, the world will actually change based on Aylia's decisions.

4. An improved RPG Maker battle system. Everything in this game is designed with "H" in mind. Meaning, I am working hard to do away with pointless grinding. The battle system will be changed in a way that encounters are dynamic and it does not take 15 hits to kill a simple cave rat. The battle system will feature sex appeal skills like Aylia teasing monsters with her breasts or flashing her panties. Additionally, certain monsters will be able to attack Aylia erotically. These attacks will vary based on her current attire. You'll just have to wait until the final demo to see what I mean 

CrowdfundingYummyTiger Patreon
I want to say up front that this game will be offered free to the wonderful h-game community. That said, I have created a Patreon page with more information and the potential to donate towards this game's development. I am not a wealthy individual, and I was told by my early beta-testers that people may want to contribute to this project. Therefore, I want to offer that option. I would obviously LOVE to work on games like this full time, but that is up to you all to decide. Either way, these games are my passion, so I will work to complete the game regardless. Please, check out my Patreon webpage: http://www.patreon.com/yummytiger for more information and updates!

Conclusion, request and Link:
If your interest is peaked, great! Below you will find a link to the game's demo. The demo only contains the prologue. While I wanted to announce the game with both the prologue and chapter 1, I have been having trouble getting the battle system in place. I commissioned work in October, but have not heard back from the programmer I commissioned in almost a month now. So, I am releasing this with the hope that someone else may want to step forward and tackle the battle HUD and system. I am not looking for a compete rewrite, and have examples of what I would need. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. I could offer you the top tier of pledging benefits.

Demo Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!ggcEQbiC!Fez_TuNHZL-OEVLYwO8OCvhJ_qStxTa82CJKsbNPaTQ

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  1. While it is only a demo,but I expected more from the game...
    It has a lot of talk,and what really matters not appear as it should...

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  3. I kind of liked it. It did have a lot of talking, but sometimes I think these games ignore the story too much. It is a pretty short demo though... I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Where can I buy it? °.° Because I only have Visa And this doesn´t work on shit DL site = (

  5. Ähh, english, Spanish or german please ^~^*