terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2014

[Game]Tales of Boinboin

Tales of Boinboin

Developed By:
Sugar star (Website)

Release Date:

Download Link:

Keep2Share - Pass:leonsblog.org

NOTE: This isn't a story translation. Well, there's quite a bit of story translated actually. This time I translated the pretty long introduction at the start.

Translated: Items, Skills, Training panel, Introduction to the game that explains how the game works, quest system, most of the short messages, UI, etc.
Not translated: Student days - prologue (this is just a story to introduce the characters and what happened few years before the ranch part main part of the game is cow ranch), H-Scenes and quite a lot of dialog after the introduction, Victoria tutorial(@barracks).


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  1. descargando el juego gracias por subirlo compañero.
    intentaré ponerlo en español ya se que es una ardua tarea pero poco a poco se consigue

  2. Cant download it, fix please :v